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Student set Equipotential lines and electric fields, TESS advanced Physics

Student set Equipotential lines and electric fields, TESS advanced Physics

Item no.: 15250-88

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Function and Applications
Set for simple measurement and recording of equipotential lines of different electrode configurations without electrolytes on electrically conducting paper. This set allows the performance of 5 student experiments about the following topics:

  • Electric fields
  • Electric field strength
  • Inhomogeneous electric fields (dipole fields)
  • The electric conductor as an equipotential surface
  • Electrostatic tip-shape effect


  • Complete equipment set: simple execution of the experiments
  • The equipment is stored in a rugged, stackable and compact box, allowing quick control of completeness (foam insert)
  • Experimenting literature for pupils and teachers available: minimal preparation time
  • Matched with international Curriculum: all topics are covered
  • No electrolyte required
  • Direct measurement of potential with high resistance voltmeter
  • Measuring points can be transferred (pressed through) onto a sheet of white paper during measurement
  • Easy teaching and efficient learning by using the interactive experimentation Software interTESS

Equipment and technical data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
  • Robust, stackable storage box with a foam insert fitting to the contained equipment

Necessary accessories

  • TESS advanced Equipotential lines necessary accessories for 1 group (13411-88)

Optional accessories

  • TESS advanced Physics manual Equipotential lines and Electric field (13029-02)
  • interTESS DVD, complete version with all experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and applied sciences (01100-00)
  • Software interTESS Physics, Electrostatics / Magnetism, Equipotential lines experiments only (01055-00)

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