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TESS and Demo advanced Manual Cobra4 Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Everyday Science

TESS and Demo advanced Manual Cobra4 Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Everyday Science

Item no.: 01330-02

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Function and Applications

Impressive experimental descriptions from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology that pays attention in particular to the advantages of the radio-controlled transmission of measured values with the Cobra4 system. In total more than 120 demonstration and student experiments are described in detail. Experiments on the interdisciplinary topic "everyday life phenomena" are contained.

What you can learn about

  • Physics: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electricity
  • Chemistry: Chemical equilibrium, Electrochemistry
  • Biology: Ecology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Plant physiology
  • Everyday science: Home, Outdoors, Hobby, Technics, Transportation

 Equipment and Technical Data

Arch file size A4, 350 color print pages

Experiment Item no.
Water quality - contamination with heavy metals P0990162
Weight P0999060
Bending of a leaf spring P0999260
Thermal insulation P1043660
Heating of water P1043760
Heating of various liquids P1043860
Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044160
Calorimetric temperature measurement P1044360
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044460
Melting and freezing curve of sodium thiosulphate P1044660
Evaporation P1045160
Generation of an alternating voltage, rectification and smoothing P1331360
We investigate our heartbeat - electrocardiography P1332760
We investigate our muscular power - electromyography P1350360
We measure our eye movements - electrooculography P1350460
Resistance of wires - dependence on the length and cross-section P1372560
Current and resistance in a parallel connection P1372860
Current and resistance in a series connection P1372960
The potentiometer P1373160
Electrical power and work P1373360
Charging and Decharging of a capacitor P1373560
Diodes as electrical valves P1373760
Diodes as rectifiers P1373860
Electrolysis P1375160
The permanent magnet DC motor P1376260
The series motor P1376360
Bridge rectifiers P1378360
We examine our drinking water with Cobra4 P1520062
Altitude measurement on a trail P1520262
Weather observation with the C P1520462
Terrain mapping P1520662
Changes of the light conditions in a deciduous forest P1520762
Acidity changes of a watercourse P1520862
Comparison of soil and air temperatures in the course of a day with Cobra4 P1520962
The pH value of various soils P1521062
Salinity of soils and plant substrates P1521162
Raised bog and fen P1521262
Salinity changes of a watercourse P1521462
We visit a wastewater treatment plant P1521662
Impact of the forest type on humidity, temperature and brightness P1521762
We determine our heart frequency P1522060
We investigate our physical fitness - the heart under stress with Cobra4 P1522160
Measuring reading skills with Cobra4 P1522260
Learning stations using the experimentation case"Cobra4 Mobile, Environment and outdoors" P1521562

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