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TESS Electrochemical measureme

TESS Electrochemical measureme

Item no.: 30505-88

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Function and Applications

Material to equip school groups for deriving electrochemical fundamentals in an 8-10 hour practical session. All the equipment is contained on a tray with clearly organised compartments.

Equipment and Technical Data

The electrochemical measuring set for students contains the following:

  • Storage tray 11935-00
  • Digital multimeter 07126-01
  • Connecting lead, 2-mm plug, 500 mm long (red 07356-01, blue 07356-04)
  • Connecting lead, 2-mm plug, 250 mm long (red 07355-01, blue 07355-04)
  • Adapter plug, 4 mm-2 mm (2x) 11620-27
  • Crocodile clip, insulated, 2-mm socket (3x) 07275-00
  • Measuring cell block 37682-00
  • Measuring cell covers, set of eight 37683-00
  • Platinum electrode, short 45207-00
  • Glass beaker, 50 ml, tall (6x) 36001-00
  • Drip canister, 50 ml, plastic 33920-00
  • Wide-necked bottle, 50 ml, plastic 33912-00
  • Pipette with rubber cap 64701-00
  • Motor, 2 V, with disc and marking point 11031-00
  • Scissors, round/end, straight, l = 110 mm  64616-00

All the equipment in the set is available individually as well, so that the collection can be customised the way you want at any time.

Necessary accessories

TESS advanced Chemistry Electrochemical measurement set EC necessary accessories for 1 group  (13422-88)


TESS advanced Electrochemical measurement set EC, consumable and chemicals for 10 groups (30505-10)

Set electrode materials for TESS Electrochemical measurement set without chemicals (30506-88)

Optional accessories

  • Cover for electrochemical measuring set (11935-10)
  • Electrochemical measuring set handbook 01194-02
Experiment Item no.
A remarkable source of electric current P7400100
Electric voltage from a salt solution P7400200
Solution pressure P7400300
The copper/zinc cell (Daniell cell) P7400400
Connection of Daniell cells in series and in parallel P7400500
Measuring and comparing the voltages of variousltages of various half-cells leads to an half-cells leads to an P7400600
The voltaic cell P7400700
Preparation of a simplified standard hydrogen electrode andmeasurement of some standard potentials P7400800
Nonmetal galvanic cells P7400900
The silver/silver chloride as reference electrode P7401000
Determination of standard potentials using thentials using the silver/silver chloride as silver/silver chloride as P7401100
Measurement of the standard potential of the redox couple Fe3+/Fe2+ P7401200
Galvanic cells from a series of concentrations, their potentialsand how to calculate them P7401300
Setting up a concentration series with potassium chloride solutions and silver/silver chloride electrodes P7401400
Galvanic cells with different redox couples/concentrations and the calculation oftheir potentials P7401500
Changes in the voltage of a concentration seriesdue to precipitationor binding P7401600
The solubility products of silver halides P7401700
Corrosion of metals, local cells, cathodic protection against corrosion P7401800
Why is the base metal aluminium so non-corrosive? P7401900
Protecting against corrosion by passification P7402000
Galvanic zincking P7402100
Storing energy in reversible galvanic cells,so-called storage batteries or accumulators P7402200
The zinc/oxygen cell P7402300

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