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Test tube rack f. 6 tubes, wood

Test tube rack f. 6 tubes, wood

Item no.: 37685-10

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Function and Applications

Test tube rack for 6 tubes

Equipment and technical data:

  • Material: unpainted wood
  • dimensions: 20,5 x 5,5 x 12 cm
  • for tubes with a max. Ø 22 mm



Experiment Item no.
Student set General Chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15300-88
Student set Inorganic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88
Student set General biology, TESS advanced Biology 15296-88
Properties of Matter,hardness, colour,magnetisability,water, solubility P7150100
Properties of material - combustibility, melting point P7150200
Properties of mixtures P7150600
Liquid mixtures P7150700
Mixture separations - filtration, magnatic separation P7150900
Comparison of a physical process and a chemical reaction P7151200
Reaction of copper and sulphur P7151300
Test of oxygen P7151400
Test for hydrogen P7151500
Test for nitrogen P7151600
Periodic system properties of a group of elements - Group 2 P7152200
Oxygen, cause of oxidation P7153200
Properties of oxygen P7153500
Nitrogen, preparation and properties P7153800
Reduction of copper oxide P7154400
Water content of natural substances P7154500
Solubility of salts in water - comparison with the solubili-ty of gases in water P7154900
Test for water P7155300
Water, an oxide P7155400
Degradation of water by reducing agents P7155500
Synthesis of water P7155600
Production of gypsum plaster P7155700
Plaster moulds P7155900
The function of the seed leaves P8011200
The function of roots P8011600
Water supply of plants P8011700
Foods and nutrients P8012200
Sugar containing nutrients P8012400
Fat containing nutrients P8012500
Protein containing nutrients P8012600
Digestion in the mounth P8012700
Digestion in the stomach P8012800
Digestible and indesgestible protein P8012900
The function of the bile P8013000
Digestion in the intestine P8013100
Student set Titration and analytical chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15303-88
Student set Substances in everyday use, TESS beginner Sciences 15234-88
Properties of Matter,hardness, colour,magnetisability,water, solubility P7150102
Acidic or basic character of solutions P7150104
Properties of mixtures P7150601
Comparison of a physical process and a chemical reaction P7151201
Hardness of water P7155201
Acids and their effect on indicators P7510100
The effect of acids and bases on natural and synthetic indicators P7510200
Identification of buffers with indicators P7510300
Saline solutions and their effect on various indicators P7510400
Anion analysis with precipitation reactions P7511300
Chemical process: synthesis and analysis P1131701
Protein containing nutrients P1256101
pH-value of everyday substances P7512569
Student Set Body and health 15247-88
How to detect starch? P9620400
Digestion of starch P9620500
How to detect sugar? P9620600
How to detect protein? P9620700
Breathing of human being P9620800

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