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The alternating current generator

The alternating current generator

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The students are already well acquainted with a simple alternating current generator, the dynamo on their bicycle, whose working principle is to be worked out in this experiment. Technically, inner pole machines are used to generate high alternating voltages. These are generators with stationary induction coils and rotating (electro)magnets.
The very simple model which the students are to construct and experiment on is an inner pole machine.


  • No additional cable connections between the building blocks needed - clear arragned and quick setup
  • Contact saftey due to puzzle blocks system
  • Corrosion-free gold plated contacts
  • Doubled earning sucess: Electric circuit diagram on top, real components can be seen unterside


How can alternating current be generated?

Assemble a simple model of an alternating current generator and use it to obtain a clear understanding of generating alternating current technically.


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