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The solar cell as a power source for LED

The solar cell as a power source for LED

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A red light-emitting diode requires approximately 2 V supply voltage, that means it cannot be operated with a single solar cell. The Pupil kit contains a solar battery which supplies the required voltage. The experiement should make clear how single solar cells can be combined so that they generate the same voltage as the solar battery: They have to be switched on in a row, so that their voltages can be added to each other. The solar battery uses the same principle.


  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with a total of 26 experiments for Renewable Energy solar cells, wind power, water power
  • Safe experimentation: the lamp is protected against touch, the housing is well ventilated with the aid of holes and is only slightly heated
  • The power supply used is versatile and is particularly suitable for pupil tests for all ages


Can a light-emitting diode be operated with solar cells?

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