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The transistor time-delay switch

The transistor time-delay switch

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Delay circuits are presently in wide usage for delaying the switching on of alarm systems. Their working principle is based on the time involved in the charging and discharging of capacitors, which the students have already dealt with. An increasing or decreasing capacitor voltage brings the transistor to a conductive or to a blocked state, as soon as the base-emitter voltage reaches the appropriate threshold value or goes below it.


  • No additional cable connections between the building blocks needed - clear arragned and quick setup
  • Contact saftey due to puzzle blocks system
  • Corrosion-free gold plated contacts
  • Doubled earning sucess: Electric circuit diagram on top, real components can be seen unterside


How can the switching of a transistor be delayed?

Determine the factors on which a delay in the switching of a transistor is dependent.

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