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Thermal expansion in solids and liquids

Thermal expansion in solids and liquids

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The volume expansion of liquids and the linear expansion of various materials is determined as a function of temperature.


  • With detailed experiment guide
  • Two experiments in one


  1. To determine the volume expansion of ethyl acetate (C4H8O2), methylated spirit, olive oil, glycerol and water as a function of temperature, using the pycnometer.
  2. To determine the linear expansion of brass, iron, copper, aluminium, duran glass and quartz glass as a function of temperature using a dilatometer.
  3. To investigate the relationship between change in length and overall length in the case of aluminium.

What you can learn about

  • Linear expansion
  • Volume expansion of liquids
  • Thermal capacity
  • Lattice potential
  • Equilibrium spacing
  • Grüneisen equation
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