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Thermogenerator, Peltier element

Thermogenerator, Peltier element

Item no.: 04374-00

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Function and applications

For direct conversion of heat energy into electrical energy and for use as a heat pump as well as for demonstrating Seebeck and Peltier effects. 2 nickel-coated copper brackets with temperature measurement points for thermometers and temperature sensors plus 4-mm sockets. A Peltier element with 71 silicon thermoelements thermally connected in parallel.


  • Tough copper bracket
  • Temperature measurements can be made directly from the copper bracket thanks to holes for thermometers or temperature sensors
  • Simple electrical connection via 4-mm sockets

Technical data

  • Number of thermoelements 71
  • Internal resistance 2.8 ohms
  • When operated as a thermogenerator
    200 mV for ΔT = 20 °C
    Power output >20 mW (1 ohm), > 10 mW ( 5 ohms)
  • When operated as a Peltier element
    Current: max. 6 A
    Power: 34.1 W
    T_max. = 125°C
  • Dimensions (mm) 40 x 75 x 140

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