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Titration of a weak acid with a strong basewith Cobra4

Titration of a weak acid with a strong basewith Cobra4

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During this experiment, the students create a measurement curve for a titration of a weak acid vs. a strong base. On top of that, the students will identify the titration curve's characteristics and determine the equivalence point.

In this experiment a weak acid (here: acetic acid, 0.1 M) of unknown concentration but known volume is filled into a vessel. The pH electrode, after being calibrated, will be connected to the Cobra4 Mobile-Link to determine the pH value of the weak acid. The solution of a strong base with known concentration (here: sodium hydroxide, 1 M) is filled into the burette. The base is added in 1 ml steps to the acid, the pH value will be determined after every step. The equivalence point is determined with a suitable indicator (here: phenolphthalein).



  • Experiment literature available for pupils and teachers: Minimum preparation time
  • Simple teaching and efficient learning by using the available interactive experiment literature


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