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Ultrasonic probe 4 MHz for 13921-99

Ultrasonic probe 4 MHz for 13921-99

Item no.: 13921-02

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Function and Applications

The 4 MHz probe is distinguished by an extreme short drive level dependence which results in the high axial resolution power. This probe is used for detection of very small structures, mainly for investigations in liquids, where the limited penetration depth is no problem. The high resolution power and the related spectral bandwidth make this probe particularly suitable for investigations on thin plates and for ultrasound computer tomography.


  • The ultrasonic probes are designed toproduce high sound intensities and short sound pulses. It makes them particularly suitable for pulse-echo mode.
  • All probesare sealed in a robust metal housing and are water proof at the sensor surface.
  • The probes are delivered with a special plug for automatic probe recognition.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Sound impedance adaptation to water/acrylic
  • Size: L = 70 mm, D = 27 mm
  • Cable length: 1 m
  • Frequency: 4 MHz

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