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Universal clamp

Universal clamp

Item no.: 37715-00

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Function and Applications

Universal clamp particularly suited to hold thin pipes and rods.

Equipment and technical data:

  • round gripping clamping jaws with cork lining
  • clamping range: 0...80 mm
  • total length: 230 mm
  • rod diameter: 10 mm
Experiment Item no.
Photosynthesis (measurement of oxygen pressure) with Cobra4 P4110260
Transpiration of leaves with Cobra4 P4110360
Glycolysis (pressure measurement) with Cobra4 P4110460
The cracking of petroleum P7171300
Rack-system f.distillation app. 35917-00
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
Student set General Chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15300-88
Student set Organic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15304-88
Student set Inorganic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88
Student set Chemistry of polymers, TESS advanced Chemistry 15305-88
Student set Food chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15306-88
Set gas laws with glass jacket, 230 V 43003-88
Electrolysis of water P1028200
Expansion of liquids and gases P1042500
Expansion coefficient of liquids P1042600
Expansion of air at constant pressure P1042700
Expansion of air at constant volume P1042800
Linear expansion of metals P1042900
Thermal conduction coefficient of metals P1043200
Thermal convection in liquids and gases P1043300
Thermal conduction in liquids P1043400
Thermal insulation P1043600
Thermal insulation P1043660
Temperature of mixed liquids P1044000
Heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044100
Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044160
Specific heat capacity of solid bodies P1044200
Calorimetric temperature measurement P1044300
Calorimetric temperature measurement P1044360
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044400
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044460
Melting and freezing curve of sodium thiosulphate P1044600
Heat of evaporation of water P1044800
Heat of condensation of water P1044900
Distillation P1045000
Boiling point elevation P1045400
Separation of a mixture of liquids by distillation P1132500
Air - a mixture of the gases oxygen and nitrogen P1133400
The law of conservation of mass in chemical reactions P1134300
The law of definite proportions in chemical reactions P1134400
Enthalpy and entropy as driving forces of chemical reactions P1136300
Metastable chemical systems and energy of activation P1136400
Reaction of magnesium and calcium with water - hydroxideformation P1138000
Properties of sulphur P1139600
Binding of nitrogen by base metals P1140500
Ammonia preparation from the elements (Haber-Bosch process) P1140700
Graphite and diamond P1142200
Properties of aluminium P1143400
Electrical conductivity of solutions of salts P1145700
Electrolytic deposition and quantity of electricity (Fara-day's first law) P1147500
Hydrogen in the redox series: normal hydrogen electrode P1148400
Dependence of the reaction velocity on the type of substance I P1149100
Dependence of the reaction velocity on the temperature P1149400
Temperature behaviour of organic compounds P1149800
Detection of quinine in tonic water P1259800
Model experiment on the desulphurisation of flue gas P1310000
Photo diodes P1401200
The Darlington circuit P1402000
Measurement of the hydrostatic pressure with a pressure element P1423100
Positive pressure - negative pressure (with support mate-rial) P1423602
Surface tension with the ring method (Du Nouy method) P2140500
Velocity of sound using Kundt's tube and digital function generator P2150605
Thermal equation of state and critical point P2320400
Adiabatic coefficient of gases - Flammersfeld oscillator P2320500
Heat capacity of metals with Cobra4 P2330160
Cooling by evacuation P2340660
Thermal and electrical conductivity of metals P2350200
Solar ray collector P2360100
Peltier heat pump P2410800
Characteristic curves of a sol P2410901
X-ray fluorescence and Moseley's law P2524715
Determination of molar mass using the ideal gas law P3010401
Determining the molecular weight of a polymer from intrinsic viscosity measurements P3010601
Condensation of gases through an increase of pressure and through cooling P3011400
Determination of the enthalpy of vaporisation of liquids with Cobra4 P3020461
Partial molar volumes P3020501
Determination of the mixing enthalpy of binary fluid mixtures with Cobra4 P3020661
Determination of the hydration enthalpy of an electrolyte (solution enthalpy) with Cobra4 P3020761
Determination of the enthalpy of neutralisation with Cobra4 P3020861
Determination of the melting enthalpy of a pure substance with Cobra4 P3020961
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law P3021001
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law with Cobra4 P3021060
Freezing point depression P3021101
Determination of the heating values of solid and gaseous fuels in a horizontal calorimeter P3021301
Determination of the enthalpy of combustion with a calorimetric bomb P3021401
Determination of the heat of formation of water P3021501
Determination of the heat of formation for CO2 and CO (Hess' law) P3021601
Hess's law with Cobra4 P3021661
Determination of the heating value of fuel oil and of the calorific value of olive oil P3021701
Determination of molar masses via a measurement of the boiling point elevation (ebullioscopy) P3021900
Determination of molar masses via a measurement of the freezing point depression (cryoscopy) P3022000
Boiling point diagram of a binary mixture P3030401
Solubility product with Cobra4 P3030862
Steam distillation P3031251
Fractional distillation with the bubble tray column with Cobra4 P3031660
Chromatographic separation processes: Gas chromatography with Cobra4 P3031760
Sublimation and solubility of iodine P3031900
Reaction rate and activation energy of the acid hydrolysis of ethyl acetate P3050201
Kinetics of the inversion of saccharose P3050301
Temperature dependence of conductivity with Cobra4 P3060560
Nernst equation with Cobra4 P3060962
Titration curves and buffering capacity with Cobra4 P3061660
Determination of Faraday's constant P3062101
Reduction - reducing agents - redox process P3100300
Haloalkanes: Grignard reagent P3101000
Haloalkanes: Wurtz reaction - lithium organyls P3101100
Toluene: Bromination in the nucleus P3101300
Preparation of p-toluenesulfonic acid P3101500
Cannizzaro reaction and reaction of benzaldehyde with ethylene glycol P3101600
Ammonia preparation from the elements (Haber-Bosch process) P3110200
Combustion of ammonia to produce nitrogen dioxide - Ostwald process P3110300
Sulphur trioxide - the sulphuric acid contact process P3110400
Preparation of iron from oxidic ores (blast furnace process) P3110500
Redox reactions between metals and metal oxides (thermite process) P3110600
Cracking of hydrocarbons P3110800
Avogadro's law P3111000
Quantitative determination of fat / Soxhlet extraction P3120200
Column chromatography - separation of leaf pigments P3120300
The importance of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and cellular respiration with Cobra4 P4110660
Ionic permeability of the cell membrane with Cobra4 P4120260
Determination of the Michaelis constant with Cobra4 P4120360
Substrate inhibition of enzymes with Cobra4 P4120460
Enzyme inhibition (poisoning of enzymes) with Cobra4 P4120560
Properties of material - combustibility, melting point P7150200
Properties of matter - boiling point P7150300
Mixture separations - filtration, magnatic separation P7150900
Mixture separation - extraction P7151000
Periodic system properties of a group of elements - Group 2 P7152200
Dipole properties P7152300
Properties of oxygen P7153500
Reactions in pure oxygen P7153600
Nitrogen, preparation and properties P7153800
Carbon dioxide, preparation and properties P7153900
Model of a fire extinguisher P7154000
Reduction of copper oxide P7154400
Mode of operation of an aeration tank (sewage treatmentplant) P7155000
Water treatment in sewage treatment plants P7155100
Water, an oxide P7155400
Degradation of water by reducing agents P7155500
Synthesis of water P7155600
Mineral constituents of plants P7156000
Hazardousness of concentrated sulphuric acid P7157100
Plant pigments as indicators P7157200
Preparation and properties of hydrochloric acid P7157700
PVC- a potential hydrochloric acid former P7157900
Oxidation of sulphurous acid P7158100
Preparation and properties of sulphuric acid P7158200
Preparation and properties of carbonic acid P7158300
Ammonia- comparison of gas and aqueous solutions P7158750
Aqueous solubility of ammonia P7158800
Salt formation due to a reaction of acids with alkalis P7159400
Salt formation from chemical elementsreaction of zinc and iron with sulphur and iodine P7159600
Thermal decomposition of salts P7159900
The detection of carbon by oxidation P7170200
The characterisation of methane P7170700
The characterisation of ethylene P7171000
The characterisation of ethine (acetylene) P7171100
Oil fields P7171200
Removal of paraffins by extraction P7171400
Removal of paraffins by urea P7171500
Prodution of methanol "wood spirit" P7171700
Alco test-tubes P7171800
The properties of homologous series of alcohols P7172100
Polyhydric alcohols P7172200
The characterisation of acetone P7172500
The characterisation of acetic acid "wood vinegar" P7172700
The acidic character of carboxcyclic (alkane) acids P7172800
Esters of acetic acid P7173000
Esters of various alkane acids P7173100
Constituents of polymers (1): The thermal decomposition/oxidtion of polymers P7180000
Step-growth polymerisation (1): The formation of polyamide P7181200
Modification of plastics (5): production of polysterene foam P7182000
The structure and composition of proteins P7185000
Procedure for producing Quark P7185200
Tanning matter in tea P7186300
Lactose P7187100
Composition of starch P7187400
Pectins P7187600
Cleavage of starch during digestion P7187700
Detection of vitamin C P7187800
Drinking water treatment P7187900
Phosphate in meat products P7188300
Spreading of smells P9132000
States of aggregation of water P9162000
River bank filtration P9162200
Thermal convection in water P9172100
Thermal conduction in water P9172300
Berlese apparatus 64204-88
Standard Labware for Set pH-Titration Cobra4 12627-01
Equipment 69815-65
Resonance frequencies of Helmholtz resonators with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2150864
Induced voltage pulse and Faraday’s law of induction with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2441264
Student set Acids, Bases, Salts, TESS advanced Chemistry 15302-88
Hydrostatic pressure with measureAPP P1001868
Thermal insulation with measureAPP P1043668
Specific heat capacity of metals with measureAPP P1044268
Calorimetric temperature measu P1044368
Conversion of mechanical energ P1044468
Melting and freezing curve of P1044668
Melting and freezing of sodium thiosulphate with Cobra SMARTsense P1044669
Conversion of mechanical into internal energy with CobraSMARTsense P1044469
Mesure de température calorimétrique avec Cobra SMARTsense P1044369
Specific heat capacity of metals with Cobra SMARTsense P1044269
Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter with Cobra SMARTsense P1044169
Thermal insulation with Cobra SMARTsense P1043669
Thermal conductivity of metals P2350201
Faraday effect P2260101
Temperature of mixtures and heat capacity of the calorimeter with measureAPP P1044168
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Water 13234-88
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Heat, 230 V 13236-88
Photosynthesis and cellular respiration in plants with Cobra SMARTsense P4110669
DEMO advanced Electronics necessary accessories 15572-01
Vapour distillation,compl.equip. 43004-00
Chemical process: synthesis and analysis P1131701
Moments P2120100
Magnetic field of single coils / Biot-Savart's law with a teslameter P2430201
Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement with a teslameter P2430301
Magnetic field outside a straight conductor P2430500
Ferromagnetic hysteresis with Cobra4 P2430760
Dissolution processes on liquids P7151800
Vibrations in the air P9132200
Electrolytic deposition and quantity of electricity (Fara-day's first law) P1147501
Module beginner support material M841
Glycolysis (pressure measurement) with Cobra SMARTsense P4110469
Student set Biochemistry and Plant Physiology BPS 15620-88D
Student Set Sun, earth and moon 15249-88
Lenghts of day and night P9600100
Position of the moon P9600200
Solar and lunar eclipse P9600300
The seasons P9600400
Earth's orbit P9600700
Photosynthesis (measurement of oxygen pressure) with Cobra SMARTsense P4110269
Transpiration of leaves with Cobra SMARTsense P4110369
Ionic permeability of the cell membrane with Cobra SMARTsense P4120269
Determination of the Michaelis constant with CobraSMARTsense P4120369
Substrate inhibition of enzymes with Cobra SMARTsense P4120469
Enzyme inhibition (poisoning of enzymes) with Cobra SMARTsense P4120569

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