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  • PHYWE Universal Counter
  • PHYWE Universal Counter
  • PHYWE Universal Counter
PHYWE Universal Counter PHYWE Universal Counter PHYWE Universal Counter

PHYWE Universal Counter

Item no.: 13601-99

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Function and Applications

The universal counter is used for measuring time, frequency, pulse rates, pulse counting, periodic times, speeds and velocities.


  • The device has all the qualities that are expected of a modern universal counter and is also equiped with a number of technical specifics of how it specifically arise from the requirements of science teaching practice.
  • For the scientifically correct representation of each measurement is shown in principle with the associated unit. With the overflow of the display is automatically switched into the next area.
  • Before the measurement starts it can be manually adjusted to a maximum of 6 decades defined range, e.g. to suppress is not physically meaningful digits on the display.
  • A special jack for direct connection of a GM counter tube is available for radioactivity experiments. The required voltage can be changed manually to determine the characteristics of a counter tube too.
  • The stopwatch function can be entered by means of electrical contacts, sensors, or manually in the various types of triggers for the precise starting and stopping for time measurement.
  • The measured values are represented by six red 20mm high-contrast 7-segment displays. An additional three-digit display is used to display the unit (ms, s, Hz, kHz, MHz, I / s, RPM, Imp, V, m / s).
  • The various operating states are indicated by LEDs.
  • Range switching in all modes manually (before measurement) and automatically when an overflow.
  • USB port is used for firmwareupdate of the device.

Equipment and technical data

  • Operating temperature range 5...40 ° C
  • Relative humidity <80%
  • Digital display:
  • Measurement reading LED 6-digit, 7-segment, 20 mm
  • Units LED 3-digit, 5x7 dot matrix
  • Units ms, s, Hz, kHz, MHz, I / s, RPM, Imp, V, m / s
  • Signal Input:
  • Signal bandwidth 0.1 Hz .. 10 MHz
  • Counter Tube Input voltage 150 V. .. 660 V (factory setting: 500V) with manual adjustment
  • Photoelectric output for power supply of 5 V sat. max 1 A
  • Stopwatch 0.000 ... 99,999.9 s, resolution 1 ms
  • Timer 0.000 ms ... 3999.99 s, resolution1µs
  • Velocity 0.000 m/s...9999.9 m / s, resolution 0.001 m / s
  • Period measurement 0.000 ms ... 99.9999 s, resolution 1µs
  • Frequency measurement 0.00 Hz .. 9.99999 MHz, resolution 10 mHz
  • Speed measurement 6. .. 99,999 RPM, 1 RPM resolution
  • Pulse counting 0. .. 999,999 Imp
  • Pulse rate measurement 0.0 ... 99,999.9 I / s
  • Mains supply: Mains voltage 110 .. 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA
  • Housing dimensions (W, H, D) 370 x 168 x 236 (mm)
  • Mass of 2.9 kilograms
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Data cable USB, plug type A/B, 1.8 m 14608-00 1,00
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