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Viscosity measurement with the falling ball viscometer

Viscosity measurement with the falling ball viscometer

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Due to internal friction among their particles, liquids and gases have different viscosities. The viscosity, a function of the substance's structure and its temperature, can be experimentally determined, for example, by measuring the rate of fall of a ball in a tube filled with the liquid to be investigated.


  • Viscosity measurement for two fluids and any mix ratio
  • Viscosity measurement for different temperatures possible
  • Angle of falling ball viscometer can be changed
  • Interdisciplinary use also in applied sciences or physical chemistry


Measure the viscosity

  1. of methanol-water mixtures of various composition at a constant temperature,
  2. of water as a function of temperature and
  3. of methanol as a function of temperature.

From the temperature dependence of the viscosity, calculate the energy barriers for the displace ability of water and methanol.

What you can learn about

  • Liquid
  • Newtonian liquid
  • Stokes law
  • Fluidity
  • Dynamic and kinematic viscosity
  • Viscosity measurements
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