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Visualisation of radioactive particles/ diffusion cloud chamber

Visualisation of radioactive particles/ diffusion cloud chamber

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Radioactivity is a subject in our society which has been playing an important role throughout politics, economy and media for many years now. The fact that this radiation cannot be seen or felt by the human being and that the effects of this radiation are still not fully explored yet, causes emotions like no other scientific subject before. The high-performance diffusion cloud chamber serves for making the tracks of cosmic and terrestrial radiation visible so that a wide range of natural radiation types can be identified. Furthermore, the diffusion cloud chamber offers the opportunity to carry out physical experiments with the aid of artificial radiation sources.


  1. Determination of the amount of background radiation.
  2. Visualisation of α, β, γ -particles and mesons.
  3. Visualisation of the thorium (radon) decay.
  4. Deflection of β-particles in a magnetic field.

What you can learn about

  • α, β, γ -particles
  • β-deflection
  • Ionising particles
  • Mesons
  • Cosmic radiation
  • Radioactive decay
  • Decay series
  • Particle velocity
  • Lorentz force
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Diffusion Cloud Chamber

Diffusion Cloud Chamber

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