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Water analysis case

Water analysis case

Item no.: 30851-00

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Function and Applications

Reagent case with test kits for the determination of the pollution and toxic load of standing and flowing waters, sewage, monitoring of the fertilizing of lagoons and evaluation of the water quality of fish waters. All test kits are based to a large extent on the methods of the "Deutsche Einheitsverfahren" for water, waste water and sludge investigation. The anaylsis of the substances to be examined occurs with colorimetric and titrimetric methods. At he colorimetric methods the intensity of the color complex of the substance to be analysed is proportional to the concentration and the result can be read off direct from a scale. Substances which can not be converted into colored, evaluable compound are determined titrimetrically. The equivalent point of the reaction becomes visible through a color change of the admitted indicator.


  • With the test kits it is possibility to carry out fast and simple analyses of the most important constituents which are important for evaluation of the water quality.
  • No previous knowledge of chemistry is required for proper performance of the tests.
  • The reagent case contains a foam inlay which holds all requisite reagent and accessories.
  • Colour coding of reagent bottles prevents confusion of reagents.
  • Reagents are sufficient for at least 50 - 450 tests (depending on the individual test kit).
  • The realization of the measurements and evaluation is possible also with a filter photometer (to order please separately).

Equipment and Technical Data

Reagent case with all test kits for the visual evaluation of the colorimetric and titrimetric analysis of following water characteristics:

  • ammonium
  • nitrate
  • nitrite
  • phosphate
  • iron
  • oxygen
  • pH value
  • total water hardness
  • carbonate hardness

Detailed instructions for all tests are enclosed in the test kits.


  • Filter photometer PF 12 for the photometric evaluation of the tests (35608-00)

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