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Water bath WNB7 with gabled lid, 7 l, 230 V

Water bath WNB7 with gabled lid, 7 l, 230 V

Item no.: 46880-93

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Function and Applications

Electrically heated, with thermostatic regulation.


  • The microprocessor temperature regulation guarantees minimum temperature fluctuations (±0.1°C), short heat-up times and lowest possible overshooting of the selected temperature.
  • The target temperature value entry is achieved digitally and can be locked against inadvertend change.
  • The actual temperature is displayed on a clear LED-display.
  • The integrated digital clock, working independently of temperature, has a runtime of 1 minute to 99,95 hours.
  • All values are shown on the LED-display.
  • The self-diagnostic system integrated in the regulator enables quick trouble shooting in the case of errors.
  • Very easycleaning.
  • Completely made of stainlesssteel.

Equipment and technical data

  • Bath volume: 7 l
  • Temperature range: +10°C up to +95°C (minimum temperature 5°C above room temperature)
  • Power requirement: 1200 W
  • Bath dimensions (w x d × h): 240×210×140 mm
  • External dimensions (w × d × h): 468×356×340 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Connecting voltage: 230 V, 50.60 Hz

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