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Water quality - contamination with heavy metals

Water quality - contamination with heavy metals

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Heavy-metal ions may be carried into surface or ground water from mining fields or via the waste water of galvanic or similar production sites. They block the effect of enzymes so that the processes in the metabolism of the organisms that are controlled by these enzymes may be disturbed or prevented. Using urea hydrolysis with the aid of urease, the blocking of the enzymes by heavy-metal ions can be measured with common laboratory methods.


  • Experiment is part of an experiment set with numerous experiments in ecology
  • Universal handheld measurement device can also be used for other measurement parameters relevant in ecology, biology and chemistry
  • Outdoors measurement possible, for mobile use
  • Graphical display of measurement data
  • Data can be saved on SD memory card
  • All data can be transferred onto a computer for data analysis
  • Data analysis software included


  • Measurement of the enzymatic activity of urease as a function of the heavy metal content of different samples

What you can learn about

  • Contamination by heavy metals
  • Inhibition of enzymatic activity
  • Waste water
  • Disturance of metabolism


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