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  • Water test lab for quick analy
  • Water test lab for quick analy
Water test lab for quick analy Water test lab for quick analy

Water test lab for quick analy

Item no.: 30390-00

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Function and Applications

This compact portable laboratory for the chemical analysis of surface waters, fish-tanks and drinking water contains reagents which were developed under ecological points of view and are biodegradable or environment-neutral.


The VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case is especially designed for schools and caters to the needs of both students and teachers. All reagents are approved to be used in schools in Germany (GUV-SR 2004 directive).

  • Maximum safety due to exact labeling according to GHS of all reagents
  • Safe results using color and turbidity compensation
  • Especially stable and rugged case as well as chemical resistant foam inlay
  • High sensitivity down to the values of German drinking water standards
  • Safe for the environment and easy disposal of used tests
  • Precise color matching with all-in-one color scale
  • Easy test procedures with pictogram Instructions
  • Extensive manual with valuable background information

Optionally, the case can be equipped with a pack of pH test strips as well as a box of test stripes for quantitative analysis of other parameters (e.g. for the analysis of sulfate concentrations). Thus, the VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case is the ideal tool for projects revolving around water and water analysis in any science class.

Equipment and Technical Data

The case contains 6 colorimetric and titrimetric tests for at least 50 determinations each to determine the most important water parameters:

  • Ammonium 0.2-3 mg/l (NH4)+
  • Nitrate 1-90 mg/l (NO3)-
  • Nitrite 0.02-0.5 mg/l (NO2)-
  • Phosphate 0.5-15 mg/l (PO4)3-
  • pH 4.0-9.0
  • Total hardness 1 drop = 17.8 mg/l CaCO3
  • Accessories: 2 syringes, 2 comparators, 1 plastic-beaker

If the test sets of the reagent case should be used, they can simply be filled up again with a refilling-set:

  • Water test lab for quick analysis VISOCOLOR SCHOOL, refill reagents (30390-01)


Please note: To comply with EU regulation 1272/2008 CLP, PHYWE does not sell any chemicals to the general public. We only accept orders from resellers, professional users and research, study and educational institutions


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Water test lab for quick analy 30390-01

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