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We investigate our muscular power - electromyography

We investigate our muscular power - electromyography

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With the exception of the heart muscle, the contractions of striated muscles can be controlled at will. This characteristic enables the observation of the activities of individual muscle groups. An electromyogram (EMG) can be used to measure (record) the electrical activity (i.e. the sum of the action potentials) of a muscle or even of several muscles on the skin surface when they contract. For an electromyogram, the electrical activity of a muscle is recorded in the relaxed state as well as during contractions of varying strength.


  • No danger due to electrical energy thanks to wireless operation
  • Data acquisition with tablets possible
  • Simple operation of the app, therefore appropriate for all education levels
  • Site-independent measurements possible in tablet mode


  1. Record an EMG of your own biceps muscle while performing several contractions
  2. Record an EMG of your own calf muscle while performing several different movements

What you can learn about

  • Electromyogram
  • Muscle contractions
  • Biceps
  • Muscle potentials
  • Compound action potentials


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