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Westphal/ Mohr density balance

Westphal/ Mohr density balance

Item no.: 45016-00

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Function and Applications

Precision balance with balance bar with unequal arm length for determination of densities of liquids and solid state bodies.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The bearing of the balance bar consists of a low friction steel cutting edge
  • With height variable support rod
  • Balance bar equipped with 9 positions for counter weight pieces
  • Delivered in wooden storage box
  • Counter weight pieces
  • Tweezers
  • Reimann`s buoyancy body with wire
  • Thermometer
  • Glass cylinder, 100 ml
  • Grid basket with hook for density determination of solid state bodies
  • Beaker
  • Weight range: 0...2 g/ccm
  • Sensitivity: 0.0001 g/ccm
Experiment Item no.
Density of liquids P2140100
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4501600e.pdf Operating instructions, English 249.36 KB

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