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Wind-hydrogen system

Wind-hydrogen system

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Similarly to solar energy, wind energy is a regenerative form of energy. It differs in that it has been used by man for centuries, for example, in windmills, in which it is converted to mechanical energy. In recent times, wind power plants have been brought to use for the generation of electric energy. As with solar energy, however, such plants cannot produce it for use when it is required, as generation is wind-dependent. This makes energy storage necessary. A present possibility for this is to convert the energy to hydrogen. The total process is then as follows. The wind energy generates a voltage by means of a generator and the voltage then used to decompose water to hydrogen and oxygen. These can be relatively easily stored and can be converted back to electric energy and water by a fuel cell when energy is required.


  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with a total of 10 experiments for Renewable Energy fuel-cell technology
  • The power supply used is versatile and is particularly suitable for pupil tests for all ages
  • Doubled learning success: Electric circuit diagram on top, real components can be seen at the bottom


In this experiment, the hydrogen system is to be driven by wind energy.

An examination is to be made on to which extent the hydrogen generated can be used to supply the fuel cell and drive the connected motor.

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