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XRE 4.0 X-ray expert set with Fe tube

XRE 4.0 X-ray expert set with Fe tube

Item no.: 09113-88

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Function and Applications

Basic set covering the fundamental principles and areas of applications of X-rays, e.g. fluoroscopy experiments and X-ray photography. It can be extended by upgrade sets for specific applications and topics.


Safety concept complying with the applicable standards and regulations

  • The set complies with all of the German (X-ray ordinance, RÖV) for radiation protection.
  • Type approval by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BFS) concerning the use of the unit at schools and universities in Germany.
  • Lead-enforced acrylic glass windows as a shield against the X-rays (breakproof in accordance with DIN/EN 61010)
  • PHYWE Safety-Lock Technologie

S-Lock - PHYWE novel Safety interlock

  • Electrical and mechanical saefty lock
  • Prevents door opening witch switched on X-radiation
  • thus offers the highest possible security

Tube XChange Technology

  • Self-adjusting thermionic valves with quick-change technology
  • Contact protection against hot parts
  • 4 Anode materials for specific experiments (Fe (included); Cu, W, Mo (optional))

Touch Panel

  • Simultaneous control, manually and by computer
  • Interactive, intuitive handling
  • Self-explanatory icons for fast operation

3View - Insight provides a transparent view

  • Exceptional observability of the experimentation space
  • Extra large windwo front on 3 sides (Diagonals: 18" / 18" / 14", 46 cm/ 46 cm/ 36 cm)

High-resolution TFT backlit display

  • 480 x 272 Pixel
  • 16 Bit, 65.536 colors
  • with LED lighting
  • Optimal, dynamic representation of all important device parameters and measured values

XXL Chamber

  • Large space for large experiments
  • Temperature-controlled, internally-ventilated experimentation space

Optical bank with riders

  • Simple, precise positioning of optical components
  • Radiography experiments

Goniometer (optional)

  • Self-calibrating
  • Collision proteceted
  • Simple, safe handling


  • Connection port internal and external
  • USB 2.0, N2, BNC, XRED, Aux, etc.
  • No annoying "cable-laying"
  • In addition, extra-large cable conduit

Safekeeping drawer

  • All utensils are kept safely and always ready at hand
  • Lockable

Equipment and technical data

The set includes the following components:

  • XR 4.0 expert unit
  • XR 4.0 X-ray plug-in unit with a Fe X-ray tube
  • XR 4.0 measure 4.0 software X-ray
  • XR 4.0 Flourescent screen
  • XR 4.0 Optical bech with
  • XR 4.0 Protecting cover
  • TESS expert manual "Experiment with X-radiation"
  • USB cable
  • Mains cable with adaptor
  • Quick-start guide
  • Operating instruction

Recommended upgrade sets for various applications and topics

  • XRW 4.0 X-ray wireless demonstration upgrade set, 09115-88
  • XRP 4.0 X-ray solid state upgrade set, 09120-88
  • XRM 4.0 X-ray material analysis upgrade set, 09160-88
  • XRD 4.0 X-ray dosimetry and radiation damage upgrade set, 09170-88

PHYWE's X-ray expert unit with break-proof windows

PHYWE's X-ray expert unit with break-proof windows

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