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ZEISS Binocular microscope Axio Lab.A1 with phototube

ZEISS Binocular microscope Axio Lab.A1 with phototube

Item no.: 62274-99

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Function and Applications

The ZEISS Axio Lab.A1 microscope with phototube is especially suited for demanding applications, particularly in research and diagnostics. For bright field, phase contrast as well as dark field up to 40x magnification.

Equipment and Technical Data

Microscope complete set consisting of:

  • Microscope stand Axio Lab.A1 HAL 35, 5xH, mechanical stage R
  • Binocular phototube 30°/23 (50:50), reverse image
  • 2 eyepieces E-PL 10x/22 Br. foc.
  • 2 eyecups
  • Objective A-Plan 5x/0.12 M27
  • Objective A-Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 M27
  • Objective A-Plan 40x/0.65 Ph2 M27
  • Objective A-Plan 100x/1.25 Oil M27
  • Condensor 0.9/1.25 H, D, Ph1, Ph2, Ph3 for Axio Lab.A1
  • Interference filter, green, d=32x4
  • Diopter d=30mm
  • Köhler illumination
  • LED illumination 3x2W, daylight 6000 K, GU5, 3
  • Immersion oil Immersol 518 N, bottle 100 ml
  • Dust cover L650xB270xH500 mm

Recommended microscope camera: AxioCam ERc-5s (72270-03) with camera adapter (62270-05)


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