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ZEISS Stemi 305

ZEISS Stemi 305

Item no.: 62280-99

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Function and Applications
Greenough stereo microscope for schools and classrooms. Various integrated illumination to visualize all kinds of samples as they are: three-dimensional and crisp in contrast:

Equipment and Technical Data
Stemi 305 EDU microscope set including
• Zoom body
• Greenough stereoscopic design, angle 11°
• Zoom 5:1 (0.8x...4.0x), manual operation on both sides of stand
• Click stops 0.8x-1x-2x-3x-4x
• Free working distance 110 mm
• Viewing angle 45°, interpupillar distance 55...75 mm
• Mount for eyepieces 30 mm, field of view 23 mm
• Integrated near vertical LED illumination for stand K EDU /LAB/MAT or controller K
• Eyepieces 10x/23 Br. foc.
• Stand base B190xT310xH35 mm
• Working area B160xT195 mm
• Integrated LED transmitted light for brightfield, darkfiel, swichtable
• Separate reflected/transmitted light control buttons On/Off/Dimming
• Glass plate D=84x5 mm
• LED spot illumination K
• Single spot for brightfield and darkfield in reflected light
• Mount M24x0.5 for polarization
• Height adjustable, tiltable, zoomable
• Power supply built-in12V DC 24W/100...240V AC/50...60Hz
• Dust cover

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ZEISS Double spot illuminator K LED 62280-01
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