TESS and Demo advanced Manual Cobra4 Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Everyday Science, (en anglais)

Article n°. 01330-02 | Type : Capteurs et enregistrement des données

7e à 10e années , grades 10-13

Impressive experimental descriptionsfrom the fields of physics, chemistryand biology that pays attention inparticular to the advantages of theradio-controlled transmission ofmeasured values with the Cobra4 system.43 demonstrations experiments and 23TESS pupil experiments are detaileddescribed.Experiments on the interdisciplinarytopic "everyday life phenomenon" are forthe first time contained.Contents:- Everyday life phenomena: household,field, hobby, technique, traffic(9 experiments)- Physics: mechanics, thermodynamics,electricity (19 experiments)- Chemistry: electrochemistry(1 experiment)- Biology: ecology (14 experiments)- TESS: mechanics, heat, electricity/electronics (23 experiments)Arch file size A4, 350 color print pages
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