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Invest in Education
Invest in the Future
Education is the best way
for the social advancement
of an entire society

Real Experience Learning

Future-oriented science education

Our innovative approach to experimental and blended learning is ideal for challenging topics in science and technology. Modern science education, transcending rote learning, focuses on immersive experiences, technology integration, and critical thinking. This fosters societal advancement by enabling innovation, solving global challenges, and driving economic growth in a knowledge-based economy.

At the Universidad Europea we are very proud to showcase our laboratories for General Physics, Mechanics, Fluids, Electronics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics and Research, where we have state-of-the-art equipment developed, supplied and installed by PHYWE, a leading company in the sector, which has enabled us to make a qualitative leap in our goal of achieving academic excellence and has positioned us ahead in the educational sector with high quality facilities for studies in Physics.
María F. Gilsanz Muñoz, PhD
Physics Degree Coordinator
Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain

The engineers &
of tomorrow

For research and innovation

In an increasingly technological world, the role of engineers and scientists has never been more critical. Today, we are standing at the precipice of a new age, marked by advancements in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, climate science, and space exploration, to name a few. These domains open an infinite range of possibilities, but also bring forth unprecedented challenges. Navigating this landscape requires an equipped and educated group of engineers and scientists. As such, the importance of education for these professionals of the future cannot be overstated.

UNESCO Agenda 2030

We support the fourth global Sustainable Development Goal of the UNESCO Agenda 2030

Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030.


Over 100 years of Experience
In science education

Reinvention is the duty

Founded in 1913 in Göttingen, Germany, PHYWE made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of teaching materials and apparatus for natural sciences, becoming a leading player in science education across Europe and beyond.

Since it's early days, PHYWE has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality scientific equipment to schools and universities, fostering a deeper understanding of physics, chemistry, and biology. The company quickly earned a reputation for its well-crafted products and dedication to enhancing the learning experience.

Towards the end of the 20th century, PHYWE initiated its first transformation. Recognizing the increasing digitalization of education, the company began incorporating new technologies into its offerings, evolving from a traditional product supplier into a provider of integrated learning solutions. Today PHYWE has firmly established itself as a digital pioneer in science education.