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Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Carl Friedrich Gauß and other world-renowned scientists worked in Göttingen: the city that boasts the largest number of Nobel Prize winners in Germany is also home to PHYWE.

For more than 100 years PHYWE has been developing, producing, supplying and installing

  • scientific equipment
  • experiments and
  • solution systems

for school education and scientific research.

Modern e-Learning systems, software and a broad spectrum of services including training courses, installation services and comprehensive consulting services complete our offering.

Our aim is to facilitate the best possible teaching and training for the knowledge-based, independent and advanced society of tomorrow. That is why we are constantly working to improve our products, keeping a close watch on developments in the education and research sectors and expanding our programme with new innovations.

Our competence, quality and reliability have enabled us to become one of the world's leading developers, producers and suppliers of training and educational equipment and systems for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Applied Sciences.

More than 145,000 customers in over 95 countries value our experience and reliability, the high standard of our technology, as well as our innovations and our user-friendly and easy-to-operate products. PHYWE is a sought-after partner for schools, colleges, universities, private institutes, museums and research establishments worldwide.

Together with more than 60 PHYWE-authorised International Sales Partners (ISP) - and in cooperation with Lucas-Nülle-GmbH which develops and produces teaching and learning systems for vocational training - we offer you individually tailored solutions from a single source.

PHYWE - Quality made in Germany. Worldwide. For you.


PHYWE history

More than 100 years of experience in science education


Dr. Gotthelf Leimbach founds the company „Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Erdinnern mbH".


50 employees, main focus: development and manufacturing of geo-physical research devices.


Separation of the development and manufacturing of geo-physical research devices from the business of teaching materials. The commercial activities with teaching materials continued under the new company name „Physikalische Werkstätten mit beschränkter Haftung".


New product range: teaching material for chemistry lessons


Reorganization to „Physikalische Werkstätten AG".


Official introduction of the trademark PHYWE.


Acquisition of new premises in Göttingen / Grone, Am Salinenweg 2, 300 employees


Foundation of a subsidiary in Zurich, Switzerland


PHYWE becomes one of the leading specialist producers of teaching materials for schools. 350 employees.


First experimentation sets for physics and accompanying literature are launched.


Start of manufacturing and sales of furniture for laboratories for natural sciences.


PHYWE‘s rolling school museum on the rails: more than 3.000 teachers and 20.000 pupils visit the teaching wagon in the first term.

The huge success of PHYWE's holiday classes continue: in 1934 110 people participate, 31 of these are teachers from other European countries.


The first PHYWE-News are published, the predecessor of PHYNA.


The company name is changed to „ PHYWE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT".


Bomb attacks destroy main parts of the facilities in Salinenweg and all manufacturing documents.


Reconstruction of the destroyed factory with the help of the whole staff.


Transfer of the commercial department to Goettingen's airport site, Levinstr. 1.


Founder Dr. Leimbach passes away, 800 employees are mourning.


Acquisition of the property Robert-Bosch-Breite with an area of 100,000 sqm. Start of the planning stage for a completely new corporate building complex.


Start of the construction of the new building in Robert-Bosch-Breite: 1 hall (12,000 sqm) for the production sector metal (M); 1 hall (6,600 sqm) manufacturing of furniture (H), more than 1,000 employees


50th anniversary of the founding of Phywe, official opening and commissioning of the new main plant in the Göttingen industrial area


Official opening and start of operation at the new main factory.


Since spring time the lecture and exhibition wagon is driving through Germany and demonstrates to teachers how to work with PHYWE devices.


Nobel prize winner Prof. Dr. Otto Hahn visits PHYWE.

„Jugend forscht - PHYWE hilft": with this motto PHYWE supports the competition "Jugend forscht" that was founded by the magazine "Stern". The winner of the competition is the modell of a programmable calculator. From 1967, PHYWE manufactures and sells this product with only minor adjustments.


New offices and laboratories are being build on the premises, official opening on October 1st.

The Impulscytophometer ICP11, a medical-technical device from PHYWE for cell research wins the gold medal at the autumn fair in Leipzig.


Enhancement of the product range for pre-school education.

During the European meeting „Jugend forscht" that year, US astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, presents the transformers donated by PHYWE. He acknowledges the high commitment of the company.


PHYWE purchases the company PEK-Electronik Tettnang/Bodensee. With this take-over PHYWE acquires a complete product range of electrical and electronic learning and teaching materials for technical colleges, vocational schools and further education that is already established in the market.

The PHYWE-News in A5 format become PHYNA in A4 format. With a distribution list of around 50.000, it is one of the most popular magazines for natural sciences in Germany.


Official opening of the educational center for natural science at the headquarter offering seminars and courses. The tradition of PHYWE holiday courses is continued. .

At the autumn fair in Leipzig PHYWE is awarded a gold medal for its electrometer. That is the first time a German company wins an award for a teaching device.

Launch of the new range of devices that have an improved look. The inner workings were completely new designed and modernised.


Foundation of PHYWE ESPANA S.A. in Madrid.


Processing of an order from Nigeria worth more than 40 Mio. DM, 1000 employees.


Visualisation of radioactive particles with diffusion cloud chamber, a product that is unique in the world and has great popular appeal


Experiments in space:

Astronaut W. Ockels conducts experiments with Phywe magnetic spheres


4 employees of PHYWE receive the technolgoy prize for the innovative processes and product development of the precision measuring device for testing brake fluid.

After a 5-year struggle with scarce financial resources (low number of pupils, development funds failed to materialize and decreasing demand in the export market) PHYWE was forced to start transaction proceedings on April 23rd. 

On July, 7th the bankruptcy proceedings were started. The company continues its business under the guidance of a bankruptcy trustee. 480 employees.


January 1st: Mr Rolf Lucas-Nuelle purchases the company. It is converted into PHYWE Systeme GmbH; 360 employees are taken over.

Start of the development of a new device range, a new concept for the casing and a range for laboratory equipment with 19 inch technology (the first devices are presented during didacta - an exhibtion for the education market - in Stuttgart in 1989.


The new casing range is launched. It features a clear front design and operation elements suitable for pupils. The plastic casing is impact-resistant and stackable. It has a lowerable handle and a foot that can be folded away.


Launch of the PHYWE-SYNERGIE programme, the modular equipment system for individual workspaces in natural sciences and technology. New shapes, colours and materials form a unique design. Materials like steel, wood and synthetic material are combined in a practical way to accomodate the rough daily school life.


Introduction of the revolutionary magnet board system for classroom demonstrations in schools and colleges


The modular, multifunctional "Cobra3" measuring system sets the benchmark for computer-assisted experiments


Expansion of Cobra3 range with the Chem-Unit.

Launch of the new X-ray unit with a quick changing tube system that is unique in the world


The modular component system for electricity/electronics is unveiled . The large magnetic demonstration board for teachers and the small, similar elements for pupils, undestroyable and clear receive huge enthusiasm worldwide by teachers and experts.

Refurbishmend and construction of the special development department and of new offices in the basement and a complete sales office.


Cooperation with XLAB, an experimental laboratory for young people in Göttingen.


Launch of demonstration track: low-friction, robust, best price-performance ratio


interTESS: PHYWE goes e-Learning - a revolutionary combination of experiments in natural sciences and computer-based lab manuals.


Solar-powered maglev model is unveiled.

TESS beginner sets for science teaching across a range of subjects.

Best financial year in the company's history!

Official opening of the new PHYWE Info Centre - presentation of PHYWE products in a modern, communicative atmosphere.


The year of innovation: water wave unit, new "Measure Dynamics" software package, TESS Expert Optics / Nuclear Physics, TESS Expert Plasma Physics.


Market launch of Cobra4, the revolutionary wireless interface for didactic applications.

First ISPM (International Sales Partner Meeting, Basel) with 70 participants from 50 countries. Presentation of the new PHYWE strategy.

Sale of 100,000th TESS Box


Launch of new Applied Science product range

With Service / Campus, PHYWE introduces new and standardised services before and after purchase.

Launch of new Internet platform


Launch of the compact scanning tunneling microscope (STM). The didactic entry into the nano world.


World premier of the new x-ray apparatus XR 4.0 with innovative technology and a new design.

Signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Goettingen for research and development, events, supports and many more


Computed tomographie with the x-ray apparatus XR 4.0: professional computed tomography can now be taught during education. The digital x-ray camera produces pictures in high resolution. Pupils and stundents can easily and efficiently learn the basics of computed tomography.

Complete redesign and enhancement of TESS, the training and experimental system for students. The system is unique worldwide, 40 sets with 700 experiments that can be combined with interTESS are availabel.

World premier of the atomic force microscope (compact AFM) as an additional important element for physics and applied sciences training at university.

Signing of a cooperation contract with HAWK to tighten the partnership for the training of students as well as for the product development.


Premier of the worldwide unique MRT as a didactic device for magnetic resonance spectroscopy and tomography - another important element in the university range for physics and medicine.

Further enhancement of the Cobra4 platform for measurement data acquisition: there are 30 sensors available now.

Complete redesign of DEMO, the experimental system for teachers and lecturers

PHYWE celebrates its 100th anniversary


Introduction of the new Cobra4 Wireless Link for data acquisition via wi-fi.


Experiments with PHYWE devices can now also be conducted on tablets with the Cobra4 Mobile Link2 and measureApp.

Launch of the PHYWE LabManager - an organisation platform for managing teaching material


Launch of the Cobra4 Xpert-Link - THE measuring device for demonstration experiments and laboratory experiments. Specifically designed for experiments with high demands to a high resolution. Very fast and precise measuring. When used with software the Xpert-Link can be used as an oscilloscope.


New in the portfolio to complement the range in natural science for technical and STEM-teaching: solutions focusing on robotics, coding and 3D printers as well as renewable energies. Furthermore, launch of the new management and experimentation platform curricuLAB® for digital education.


Launch of Cobra SMARTsense sensors for digital education in natural sciences - intuitive sensors for digital data acquisition in student experiments; combinable with more than 110 PHYWE experiments.


Premiere of the Cobra DigiCart system with the DigiCartAPP at Learntec in Karlsruhe - the digital all-in-one solution for dynamics and kinetics in physics lessons.


Cobra SMARTexperiments – Simple. Smart. Experiment. Cobra SMARTexperiments contain all components and sensors necessary for measurement. All-in-one-experiments – no lengthy setup, no interface necessary!

PHYWE curricuLAB® – Simple. Digital. Teaching. With the new teaching and learning platform curricuLAB® PHYWE offers a fast and uncomplicated entry into digital teaching. Awarded with the Comenius-EduMedia-Seal 2021 as a teaching and learning management system of outstanding pedagogical, content and design quality.


Cobra SMARTlink - The 10-inch Android tablet with 7 integrated measurement sensors. Simple. Digital. Experimentation. 


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