PHYWE offers you a wide range of models and specimens that are ideal as illustrative material for your lessons. 

They facilitate your students' access to abstract topics such as atomic bonding. 

The wide product range reflects the diversity of topics in biology and chemistry for your lessons. Learn more

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Selected biological models

Models and preparations of PHYWE

PHYWE offers you a wide range of models (visual and functional models) to help your students access abstract topics such as atomic bonding or animal/plant models and increase their modeling skills. The wide product range reflects the diversity of topics in biology and chemistry for your lessons:

  • Classical structural models of ionic or metallic lattices or organic compounds, the representation of which is impossible in the original or, as in the case of toxic fungi, only possible to a limited extent due to official regulations.
  • Everyday illustrative models of humans, animals and plants, which thereby realistically illustrate typical biological structures.
  • Functional models (e.g. model to illustrate the properties of membranes) to visualize biological processes and to increase the model competence of their students so that they learn to simplify abstract relationships on a model in their later professional life.

In addition to models, we also offer a wide range of preparations:

  • Whole animal preparations provide a very naturalistic representation of the subject. Please note: In the interest of nature conservation, we only supply mammals and birds found dead in whole specimens. All animals have a conservation number.
  • Bone preparations are ideal for illustrating the differences between various species.
  • Microscope slides form the basis of microscopy and provide fascinating insights into numerous topics of biology.

Your advantages with models and preparations from PHYWE

  • Wide range of products suitable for every subject area in biology and chemistry lessons.
  • High similarity: All models have a high visible similarity to the original and make structure or function directly obvious.
  • High vividness: All models illustrate the features of the original and thus help you to convey your learning objectives.
  • Consultation available upon request
  • High quality, good price/performance ratio, offers for all budgets
  • Premium manufacturers: PHYWE, SOMSO, 3B Scientific, Schlüter