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Update your PHYWE-Software for free

Simply click the link the field "accompanying software". You will automatically be forwarded to products and to the tab "Documents & Downloads". There, you just have to click the link of the software you wish to update. The update will then start automatically,

Update-Files for the following software are available:


Update measure-Software

The downloads contain a demo version and/or an update of the complete version.

Your PHYWE-device Accompanying software
 Hall-Effekt Unit HU2, Cobra4 Xpert-Link and Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link measureLAB
 Cobra4 measure main programme and manuals
 Franck-Hertz control unit measure main programme and manuals
 Multi channel analyser measure main programme and manuals
 Temperature meter 4-2 measure main programme and manuals
 XR 4.0 expert unit / X-ray measure X-ray
 XRCT computer tomography measure CT
 Labview driver for XR 4.0 x-ray unit measure Labview
 Scanning tunneling microscope, Atomic force microscope measure Nano
 Compact MRT measure MRT
 Ultrasonic echoscope II for item number 13924-99 measure Ultra Echo II
 Ultrasonic echoscope I for item number 13921-99 measure Ultra Echo I
 Ultrasonic Doppler technique measure Ultra Flow
 TESS Acoustics measure Acoustics
 Measurespec Spectrometer measure Spec
 Video analysis measure Dynamics



Up-date interTESS-Software

The downloads contain a demo version and/or up-date of the complete version. The complete version requires a software key.

Your PHYWE-product Accompanying software
 All interTESS licences interTESS all



Up-date Firmware

Firmware is an operating software that is necessary to run certain devices. This firmware is saved within the device.

Your PHYWE-device Accompanying Firmware
  XR 4.0 expert unit / x-ray Firmware XR 4.0 expert unit / x-ray
 Cobra4 Firmware Cobra4
 Speed of Light Firmware Speed of Light
 Large scale display, digital Firmware large scale display, digital
 Digital function generator Firmware digital function generator
 Franck-Hertz control unit Firmware Franck-Hertz control unit


Please note!

The following PHYWE-devices are only supported until measure version 4.6.13.

  • Cobra3 weatherstation
  • Phycon/Phygate
  • Demo conductivity
  • XR 3.0 X-ray (09058-99)
  • Demo pH
  • Demo multimeter handheld devices

Download measure software version 4.6.13.

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