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Update your PHYWE-Software for free

Simply click the link the field "accompanying software". You will automatically be forwarded to products and to the tab "Documents & Downloads". There, you just have to click the link of the software you wish to update. The update will then start automatically,

Update-Files for the following software are available:


Update measure-Software

The downloads contain a demo version and/or an update of the complete version.

Your PHYWE-device Accompanying software
 Hall-Effekt Unit HU2, Cobra4 Xpert-Link and Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link measureLAB
 Cobra4 measure main programme and manuals
 Franck-Hertz control unit measure main programme and manuals
 Multi channel analyser measure main programme and manuals
 Temperature meter 4-2 measure main programme and manuals
 XR 4.0 expert unit / X-ray measure X-ray
 XRCT computer tomography measure CT
 Labview driver for XR 4.0 x-ray unit measure Labview
 Scanning tunneling microscope, Atomic force microscope measure Nano
 Compact MRT measure MRT
 Ultrasonic echoscope II for item number 13924-99 measure Ultra Echo II
 Ultrasonic echoscope I for item number 13921-99 measure Ultra Echo I
 Ultrasonic Doppler technique measure Ultra Flow
 TESS Acoustics measure Acoustics
 Measurespec Spectrometer measure Spec
 Video analysis measure Dynamics



Update interTESS-Software

The downloads contain a demo version and/or up-date of the complete version. The complete version requires a software key.

Your PHYWE-product Accompanying software
 All interTESS licences interTESS all



Update Firmware

Firmware is an operating software that is necessary to run certain devices. This firmware is saved within the device.

Your PHYWE-device Accompanying Firmware
  XR 4.0 expert unit / x-ray Firmware XR 4.0 expert unit / x-ray
 Cobra4 Firmware Cobra4
 Speed of Light Firmware Speed of Light
 Large scale display, digital Firmware large scale display, digital
 Digital function generator Firmware digital function generator
 Franck-Hertz control unit Firmware Franck-Hertz control unit


Please note!

The following PHYWE-devices are only supported until measure version 4.6.13.

  • Cobra3
  • Phycon/Phygate
  • Demo conductivity
  • XR 3.0 X-ray (09058-99)
  • Demo pH
  • Demo multimeter handheld devices

Download measure software version 4.6.13.

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