Braun's tube with socket

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Function and Applications

Electron tube on a base with connection sockets for examining the structure and operation of a Braun's tube. The electron beam can be deflected in the electric field by the built-in plates inside the tube and in the magnetic field by three external coils mounted on a ring. A Wehnelt cylinder is used to focus the beam. The observation of the beam in the tube is realized by a gas filling and a fluorescent screen. Time-dependent processes can also be examined and displayed using the continuously adjustable sawtooth generator. Including socket with printed wiring.

Equipment and technical data

  • Anode voltage: 200 - 350 V DC

  • Anode current: max. 1 mA 

  • Heating voltage: 6 - 12 V DC

  • Heating current: 0.3 A 

  • Wehnelt voltage: 0 - -50 V DC

  • Plate size: 12x20 mm²

  • Plate spacing: 14 mm 

  • Electrical deflection sensitivity: 0.2 mm / V

  • Screen diameter: 100 mm

  • Tube length: 260 mm

  • Residual gas: neon

  • Gas pressure: 0.0001 hPa

  • Tilt frequency: 10 - 200 Hz, continuously adjustable

  • 3 deflection coils: 600 turns each, with center tap

  • Mass: approx. 1.6 kg

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