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Base plate for support base DEMO

Article no. 02007-01 | Type: Equipment & Accessories


Function and Applications
The base plate can be placed on the support base DEMO (02007-55). This gives the support base a flat surface which offers plenty of room for different devices.


  • extends the applications of the support base DEMO (02007-55)
  • ideal alternative to retort stands
  • secure mounting of the plate by a fixed pin that is screwed into a support rod clamping of the support base
  • after mounting the support plate on the support base the three central support rod clampings of the support base are still accessible about three matching lead-throughs

Equipment and technical data

  • material: support plate: painted aluminum; fixed pin: stainless steel
  • dimensions:  approx. 190 mm x 231 mm x 3 mm
  • diameter of the fixed pin: 22 mm
  • weight: approx. 340 g

Necessary Accessories

  • Support base DEMO (02007-55)

Necessary accessories

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