Demo advanced Physics Manual Mechanics on the Board 2 (MT2)

Article no. 01153-02 | Type: Literature & Media

grades 7-10 , grades 10-13

Function and Applications

Instructions for 18 experiments using the magnetic demonstration board.

Learning objectives

  • Motion
  • Forms of mechanical energy
  • Mechanics of gases and liquids

The use of the demonstration board for physics offers the following advantages for the lecturer:

  • Minimal preparation time
  • Lucid and simple set-up
  • Labelling of the experiment directly on the board
  • Magnet-held arrows, linear and angular scales
  • Stable storage box
  • Both sides of board can be used for mechanics and optics
  • Galvanised sheet steel board in aluminium profile frame
  • Mechanics side: lacquered
  • Optic side: white foil with lined grid
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