Handbuch Schülerversuche Elektrochemie-Messplatz, TESS advanced Chemie, (in german)

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23 experiments for determining experimentally the basic electrochemical interactions. Designed for the materials used in the electrochemical measurement set (30505-88)


  • A remarkable source of electrical power
  • Voltage from a salt solution
  • Solution pressure
  • Copper-zinc cell (Daniell cell)
  • Daniell cells connected in series and parallel
  • Measurement and comparison of voltages between various half-cells and how this leads to the electrochemical series
  • Volta cell
  • Assembly of a standard hydrogen electrode and measurement of various standard potentials
  • Galvanic cells featuring non-metals
  • Sliver/silver chloride electrodes used for reference
  • Determination of standard potentials using silver/silver chloride electrodes for reference
  • Measurement of standard potentials for redox pair Fe3+/Fe2+
  • Galvanic cells formed by concentration chaining, potentials and how to calculate them
  • Design of concentration chains using potassium chloride solutions and silver/silver chloride electrodes
  • Galvanic cells using differing redox pairs of different concentrations and calculation of potentials using the Nernst equation
  • Changes in voltage in a concentration chain due to precipitation or effective metal ions becoming bonded in complexes
  • Determining solubility products of silver halides
  • Corrosion of metals, local elements, cathodic corrosion protection
  • Why is base aluminium so resistant to corrosion?
  • Corrosion protection by means of passivation
  • Galvanisation
  • Energy storage using reversible galvanic cells (accumulator batteries)
  • Zinc-oxygen cells


DIN A4 handbook, ring binding, b/w, 74 pages

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