TESS advanced Physics Manual Cobra4 Mechanics, Heat, Electricity / Electronics

Article no. 01332-02 | Type: Sensors & Data Logging

grades 7-10 , grades 10-13

Function and Applications

Experimental descriptions in the fields of mechanics, heat, electricity/electronics for the data acquisition with the Cobra4 System. In total 27 student experiments are described.

Learning objectives

  • Mechanics: Forces, Oscillations (3 experiments)
  • Heat: Thermal equilibrium, Heat transfer, Thermal energy, Change of state (11 experiments)
  • Electricity / Electronics: Electrical resistance, Electric power and work, The capacitor, The diode, Electrochemistry, Electric motors, Special components and circuits (13 experiments)

Equipment and Technical Data

  • DIN A4 binder, in colour, 180 pages
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