Restoring force on a displaced pendulum

Article no. P1252700 | Type: Experiments

grades 7-10

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DEMO advanced Physics Supplementary Set Mechanics 2

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Using a thrad pendulum, investigate how large the force with which the displaced pendulum approaches its resting position is.

In addition, investigate how this force, which ist termed the restoring force, depends on the angle of displacement of the pendulum and how one can calculate it.



  • Optimised for demonstration experiments: Transformation from horizontal into vertical direction
  • Very good visibility: Big devices on uniform background
  • Strong Magnets (at least 10 N) allow a safe mounting and therefore a very easy handling
  • Demonstrative measurement of forces with large circular dynamometers with a fixing magnet and ball-bearing pulley with two cord grooves for two measuring ranges
  • Magneto-adhesive measuring scale facilitate the measurements

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