Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) II

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20 Minutes


The aim of these experiments is to show how the spin echo technique can be used to generate 2D MR images of a slice of a well-defined thickness, orientation, and size (Localized Spin Echo 2D). These parameters determine the so-called "field of view" (FOV) of the MR image. We will introduce a method that enables the recording of 3D MR images (Spin Echo 3D). For this purpose, an additional phase encoding will be performed in the third dimension. Both methods include the automatic calibration of the system frequency with regard to the Larmor frequency. As a result, the MR image is more stable over several averaging steps.


  • Complete, easy to install and affordable MRT education system
  • One system to cover all aspects from NMR basics to sophisticated 2D and 3D imaging sequences
  • Detailed experiment guides included with the system
  • Learning results guaranteed thanks to easy to manage course steps
  • Can be set up at any location in the student lab
  • Experience the realistic sound of the different MR sequences


  1. Generation of 2D MR images with explicit slice selection (Localized Spin Echo 2D).
  2. Generation of 3D MR images (Spin Echo 3D).

Learning objectives

  • Nuclear spins
  • Resonance condition
  • MR frequency
  • FID signal (Free Induction Decay)
  • Magnetic gradient fields
  • Spatial encoding (frequency encoding, phase encoding)
  • Slice selection
  • Spin echo
  • Fast-Fourier-Transformation (FFT)
  • T1/T2 relaxation times 
  • 2D and 3D magnetic resonance imaging

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