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Student set Genetics, TESS advanced Biology

Article no. 15311-88 | Type: Sets

The world sensation at PHYWE - Simple genetics for everyone in a practical set!

Function and Applications

DNA analysis has never been so simple and clear. Our experimental set contains all the necessary equipment needed for experiments in genetics, including the sensational blueGel gel electrophoresis system and the practical 3-in-1 agarose tablets (agarose, TBE-salt and a fluorescent dye). In addition, the set contains a washable pipetting practice card, which saves time and material when training with the pipette. The 3-in-1 agarose tablets, together with the blueGel™ system, allows visualization of DNA separation while it is being performed! Latest LED technology makes UV light superfluous. The enclosed foldable darkroom allows filming and photographing with your own smart phone. Gel electrophoresis finally without high voltage; the 48V power supply unit for electrophoresis is included. The 3-in-1 agarose tablets contain agarose, TBE and a harmless fluorescent dye that makes DNA and RNA glow - just add water, boil it up, and you are done.

  • All necessary equipment for gel electrophoresis in one set, including the power supply for electrophoresis.
  • Included are the blueGel gel electrophoresis system and the 3-in-1 agarose tablets, which together enable live observation through built-in LED.
  • No harmful chemicals required.
  • Microliter pipette (2 µl - 20 µl), matching tips and a pipetting practice card are also included.
  • Minimum preparation time.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The equipment set consists of all components necessary for the experiments; only the TBE electrophoresis buffer must be purchased separately.
  • Stable, stackable storage boxes with unit-shaped foam insert
  • Four kits available (to purchase separately): plasmid DNA, Lambda DNA, DNA fingerprinting, paternity test



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