Bending of a leaf spring with Cobra SMARTsense

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10 Minutes
10 Minutes
grades 7-10

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Student set Mechanics 2, TESS advanced Physics

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The deflection or bending of a leaf spring is proportional to the acting force. For small deflections, the proportionality is linear, whereas for large deflections it becomes increasingly non-linear.

  • Especially understandable and didactically prepared description of the experiment (relevance to everyday life, etc.) including protocol questions.
  • Future-oriented teaching: Integration into digital science lessons with tablets or smartphones.
  • Increased motivation of students by using the intuitive measureAPP.
  • Increased media competence.


  • deflect a leaf spring from its rest position and measure the restoring force with a force gauge. The results of the measurements are shown in a diagram (restoring force against deflection).

Learning objectives
The students should examine the behaviour of a leaf spring under load and in particular determine the spring constant D.


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