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The reactive group of fructose is a keto-group, whereas that of glucose is an aldehyd-group. Fructose can be detected by means of the Seliwanow reaction. The monosaccharide fructose is contained in sweet fruits and honey.Fructose is the sugar with the greatest sweetening power. It is won from sucrose by inversion and the removal of glucose.
Fructose is metabolized quickly and independently of insulin, and has hardly any influence on the blood level. Fructose is therefore used to produce diabetic foods. As fructose is difficult to crystallize and is hygroscopic, it is handled as a syrup.


Learning objectives

  •  Composition and properties of fructose



  • Easy teaching and efficient learning by using interactive experimentation PHYWE-Software
  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with experiments for the topic Food Chemistry matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered


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