Inductance of solenoids

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45 Minutes
45 Minutes


A square wave voltage of low frequency is applied to oscillatory circuits comprising coils and capacitors to produce free, damped oscillations. The values of inductance are calculated from the natural frequencies measured, the capacitance being known.


  • Quick, easy, and neat set-up
  • On-the-fly switching of the numerous induction coils for quick and easy experimenting
  • Easy frequency setting thanks to digital function generator


  • To connect coils of different dimensions (length, radius, number of turns) with a known capacitance C to form an oscillatory circuit.
  • From the measurements of the natural frequencies, to calculate the inductances of the coils and determine the relationships between:
  1. inductance and number of turns
  2. inductance and length
  3. inductance and radius

Learning objectives

  • Lenz's law
  • Self-inductance
  • Solenoids
  • Transformer
  • Oscillatory circuit
  • Resonance
  • Damped oscillation
  • Logarithmic decrement
  • Q factor

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