Article no. 02274-00 | Type: Equipment & Accessories

Pupils , Teachers/Professors

Function and Applications

Exactly counter balanced lever to investigate the lever principles, to assemble a beam balance or to perform equilibrium and pendulum experiments.

Equipment and technical data

  • Metallic rod with white and yellow demonstration subdivision.
  • Length: 585 mm.
  • 20 equidistant pins to hang spring balances, balance pans or weight holders with slotted weights and hook weights.
  • Hole with cross-groove at the centre of gravity (indifferent balance).
  • Either bolt with pin or bolt with knife edge are suitable for suspending the lever.
  • In order to demonstrate stable and unstable balance, two supplementary holes are placed above and below the hole at the centre of gravity.
  • Holes at the ends.
  • Furthermore a threaded hole to take pointer.
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