TESS expert Applied Science Handbook AtomicForceMicroscopy - Operating Instructions and Experiments

Article no. 01234-02 | Type: Literature & Media

Teachers/Professors , Students

Function and Applications

Handbook on the operation of the compact atomic force microscope (09700-99) including introductory experiments. Features "Getting started" section, explanations of all functions provided by the measurement and analysis software measure nano, especially imaging and spectroscopy on the nanoscale. It also contains numerous tips and tricks, background information on the topic and detailed experiment instructions with many references, theoretical material and interpretations of sample results.

Learning objectives

Getting started, atomic force microscope user manual, user manual for measure nano, experiments on imaging of different micro and nanostructures in physics, material sciences, and life sciences, especially nanotechnology, material contrast, force spectroscopy, magnetic structures, and biological samples and much more.


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