TESS expert Handbook Medicine - X-ray diagnostics, Ultrasonic Diagnostics, Lab diagnostics, Human physiology, Neurophysiology, Biochemistry

Article no. 01231-02 | Type: Literature & Media

Function and Applications

Comprehensive collection of more than 70 detailed described laboratory experiments covering various field of medical education. A clear table of contents simplifies the orientation in terms of special fields and topics.

Learning objectives

  • X-ray diagnostics
  • Ultrasonic diagnostics
  • Lab diagnostics incl. clinical chemistry and haematology
  • Human physiology incl. electrophysiologie
  • Neuro physiology
  • Biochemistry

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Experimental guides with clearly structured learning objectives, fundamental principles, photo of the set-up, equipment list, tasks, illustrated instructions concerning the set-up and procedure, theory and evaluation with example results plus important notes concerning the operation and safety of the equipment. In most cases no other background information is required.
  • Detailed table of content for quick orientation
  • DIN A4 format, spiral-bound, colour print, 500 pages
  • Experimental guides in English
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