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Infozentrum Phywe Göttingen

In our PHYWE Info Center at our headquarters in Göttingen, Germany, we give you an overview of our comprehensive range of PHYWE products and solutions. We can provide your with the right selection of teaching materials according to your curriculum and we offer training on how to use the equipment for your lessons. We also fitted out a "classroom" so that you are able to get a practical impression of our solutions for teaching natural sciences. 


Our PHYWE classromm shows you a sample collection of teaching aids for each subject. The classromm contains teacher experiments and student experiments. 

Das Phywe-Klassenzimmer


University laboratory room

In our info center for university students we present a selection of the most important university experiments. We can train you in all relevant aspects, such as functionality, application and conducting experiments. We are happy to also explain to you other university experiments from your relevant subjects. 

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