With the PHYWE X-ray XR 4.0 the physics of X-rays can be utilized in a broad range of fields of education at universities, colleges and schools. Extension sets of the XR 4.0 product family permit custom applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, material sciences and geo sciences.

The XR 4.0 is unique as it provides an abundance of uses with an excellent price/performance ratio. Apart from its modern and innovative design the XR 4.0 excels at professional technology, a patent-pending safety system, innovative software solutions, intuitive graphical user interface as well as extensive accessories packages – Quality Made in Germany!


Usable in all subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Applied Sciences

Topics & subtopics

Part of the curriculum


XR 4.0 expert unit –

Sets for all applications

Basic set

Core components

(incl. further Accessories)

Areas of application

Application examples

XRE 4.0 expert set
Art. No. 09110-88

(Basic set with Wolfram tube)

XR 4.0 expert unit (X-ray device)

XR 4.0 software measure X-ray

Optical bank

TESS expert manual

Fluorescent screen

USB cable, mains cable + adaptor


Basics & applications of X-radiation

Radiographic experiments


XRE 4.0 expert set
Art. No. 09111-88

(Basic set with copper tube)

same as above

Same as above

Same as above

XRE 4.0 expert set
Art. No. 09112-88

(Basic set with molybdenum tube)

same as above

Same as above

Same as above

XRE 4.0 expert set
Art. No. 09113-88

(Basic set with iron tube)

same as above

Same as above

Same as above


Extend the basic set with the respective extension set according to area of application

Extension sets (optional)

Core components

(incl. further accessories)

Areas of application

Application examples

XRP 4.0 solid-state
Art. No. 09120-88

Goniometer, GM counter tube

LiF / KBr single crystal

Absorption set



X-ray spectroscopy

Bragg reflection / bremsspectrum

Characteristic lines

XRC 4.0 characterization
Art. No. 09130-88

3 X-ray tubes (Cu, Fe, Mo)

Goniometer, GM counter tube,

LiF / KBr single crystal


Radiation spectra of the anode

Moseley law

Rydberg constant

Duane-Hunt law

XRS 4.0 structure analysis
Art. No. 09140-88

Goniometer, GM counter tube,

LiF / KBr / NaCl single crystal

Crystal holder

Powder samples


Structure investigations

Laue patterns

Debye-Scherrer images

Powder diffractometry

XRM 4.0 material analysis
Art. No. 09160-88



X-ray energy detector

Multi-channel analyzer

Sample sets


X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Compton effect

Energy-dispersive experiments

XRI 4.0 radiophoto-graphy
Art.-Nr. 09150-88


Digital SLR camera

Radiographic object

Model loader

Implant model


X-ray imaging




XRD 4.0 dosimetry and radiation damage

Art. No. 09170-88


Parallel-plate capacitor

Power supply unit 600 V

DC current amplifier






Ionization of air

XRCT 4.0 computer tomography

Art. No. 09180-88


Direct, digital X-ray image sensor

Rotation unit, vertical rotation

Measure Tomography software package


3-dimensional reconstruction

Cross sections

Direct, digital image capture

Complete systems

Core components

(incl. further accessories)

Areas of application

Application examples

XR 4.0 X-ray system
Art. No. 09057-88

Complete set for all X-ray experiments



XRE 4.0 X-ray expert set for schools
Art. No. 09117-88

Set with copper tube


Same applications as for

Basic set and Solid-state physics set


X-ray fluorescence analysis

  • Applied Sciences & Physics
  • Teacher Experiments
  • Laboratory Experiments

Applications of the XR 4.0

  • X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Laue images
  • Defect diagnosis
  • Computed Tomography
  • and many more…

XR 4.0 expert set –

Details and technical specifications

Basisgerät XR 4.0 expert unit

  • Microprocessor-based, basic device with a central safety monitoring,
    as well as 2 independent monitoring circuits, S-Lock (patent pending)
  • 4 different X-ray tubes visible in operation (Fe, Cu, Mo, W) can be used
    Lead-reinforced, acrylic panes for shielding X-radiation, unbreakable
  • Integrated display for the representation of measured values and
    device parameters
  • TFT graphics display 480×272 color pixels, diagonal 4,3“
  • 65,536 colors with backlit LED lighting
  • Experimentation space accessible with operation over operating channel
  • Built-in LED array for interior lighting (LED)
  • Connection field for easy cabling
  • Loudspeaker with the Geiger-Mueller counter tube
  • Lockable drawer
  • High voltage 0.0…35.0 kV, emission current 0.0 … 1.0 mA
  • Rate measurement unit (counter tube voltage): 100 … 600 V
  • Count time: 0.5…100 s
  • Exposure time: 0…100 minutes
  • Housing W x H x D (mm): 682 x 620 x 450
  • Experimentation space W x H x D (mm): 440 x 345 x 354
  • Supply voltage: 110/240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 200 VA
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Computer controlled via USB 2.0
  • Aux: Multi-pole socket (15-pole)
  • USB 2.0: Socket for the connection of digital cameras etc.
  • Max 600 V: 2 x 4 mm sockets
    For example, for the charge of the capacitor plates (09057-05) for dosimetry experiments
  • GM tube: BNC socket for the Geiger-Mueller counter tube (09005-00)
  • Motor: Socket for the connection of a motor
  • Goniometer: Connection socket for the goniometer (09057-10)
  • N2: For the introduction of protective gas, and for the connection with
    a vacuum pump
  • Operating temperature range 5°C… 40°C, typical 25°C
  • Rel. humidity < 70%

Connections to the device:

  • PC: for the control via computer (USB 2.0 socket)
    Service: PC for the update of the device setting adjustments and for the diagnostics (only for authorized skilled personnel)
  • Display: For the connection of the RF adapter Display Connect (12623-88). It serves for the representation of current measured values and device parameters over the large display (07157-93).
  • USB 2.0: Socket for the connection of digital cameras etc.
  • N2: For the introduction of protective gas, and for the connection with
    a vacuum pump
  • X RED: For connection of the X-ray energy detector (09058-30)
    with the multi-channel analyzer (13727-99)


  • Angle step: 0,1…10°
  • Speed: 0,5…100,0 s/step
  • Samples pivot range: 0…360°
  • Counter tube pivot range: -30°…+170°
  • PC control over SubD socket
  • Two-circuit system
  • Self-positioning
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