The solubility of fats

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Fats and oils are insoluble in water, and very sparingly soluble in cold alcohol. Fats are highly soluble in organic solvents such as benzine, ether, aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons. The solubility of fats is associated to their chemical structure. They consists of long, unpolar hydrocarbon chains. Fats are therefore highly soluble in unpolar solvents. Like dissolves like.This experiment is particularly suitable as an introduction to the themes "extracting fat" and "removing grease stains". The solubility of edible oils is tested in this experiment.


Learning objectives

  • Solubility of fat and oil in different solvents



  • Easy teaching and efficient learning by using interactive experimentation PHYWE-Software
  • Experiment is part of a complete solution set with experiments for the topic Food Chemistry matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered


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