Image obtained with a convex lens

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10 Minutes
10 Minutes
grades 7-10

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Student set Optics 2 digital, TESS advanced Physics

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This experiment is very demanding. It does not make any great demands on the student's measuring accuracy. But, judging from past experience, understanding the individual cases for different image distances, the properties of the image as a function of object and focal length, as well as the multitudinous technical terms often causes the students difficulties. Dividing the experiment among groups can make it easier methodologically. The students are assigned to four groups. Each group performs the experiment for one of the cases presented on the Task page. Then the results are exchanged and Table 1 is completed by all the students. In this way each group can conduct its special task carefully and in their own time.


  • Multifunctional light box - All-in-one: Can be used for geometric optics on the table, colour mixing and on an optical bench
  • Extension with others sets at anytime, no additional light sources needed, recognition value for students


What properties do images formed by a convex lens have? Investigate the properties of images formed by a convex lens for g > 2f, g = 2f, 2f > g > f and g < f.

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