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Thread pendulum (mathematical pendulum)

Article no. P1002800 | Type: Experiments

10 Minutes
10 Minutes
grades 7-10 , grades 10-13

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Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics

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The students have investigated the influence of spring constant and mass on the oscillation period and while doing so have learned the methods required for the investigation of oscillating systems. They should now apply this knowledge usefully to a thread pendulum whose oscillation period is influenced by the pendulum length and the acceleration of gravity.

After having made a number of measurements they should conclude from this experiment that the mass has no influence on the oscillation period and, given the proportionality factor, set up the oscillation equation from the graph of T=f(√I).



  • Real stand material for an esecially stable and safe setup
  • Student-suitable experiment descriptions with reports available

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